Solution NMR Spectroscopy 1 – solNMR1

Foto: Thomas Hartmann

The Department of Chemistry operates a solution NMR spectrometer (Bruker Avance DSX 400, room 2224.00.123) equipped with two sample heads (5.0 mm BBO and 5.0 mm BBI) and provides measurements for almost all measurable NMR nuclei.

  • Nuclear magnetic resonance measurements from 1H to 103Rh (400 to 12.8 MHz)
  • Routine analysis of 1H, 19F and 13C (water suppression, DEPT and INEPT)
  • 2D correlation of 1H with X-nuclei, specifically with 119Sn, 29Si, 207Pb, etc.
  • 19F-19F -COSY and -NOESY
  • Gradient selected HSQC and HMQC in organometallic compounds
  • Quantitative measurements, temperature dynamics, kinetics, "titrations", diffusion
  • Introductory courses in NMR